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The history of the Hotel Turmwirt

Worth knowing about our hotel in Oberammergau

Oberammergau was first noted back in 1167 and is very famous for the passion play ( since 634 ) and also because of it s wood carvings and arts.

Take your time to explore the town and see the important sights like the beautifull painted catholic church, the passion play theatre and our Oberammergau museum with the worldwide biggest nativity set.

The history of the turmwirt

During the period 1736 – 1742 the local church was built newly after the old one burned down in a big fire. The builder of the tower stayed in the farm house next to the church and also where feed there. Since then in the run of centuries the farmhouse was turned in to a boarding house and arestaurant. As tourism rised, the boarding house became a Hotel with not loosing thecharming character of on old Inn.

Since now 4 generations the Turmwirt is in the hands of the Glas family, which is very involved to host their guests.

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